YRCC Internships

Open Opportunity


Every year the YRCC hosts a variety of programs for youth and the community. A large portion of what we do is facilitated with the help of volunteers and interns. Previous interns have come from Social Work, Psychology, Non-Profit Management, Education, Recreation Sciences, Health and Wellness, Business, and many others.

As an intern with the YRCC you are able to help plan, implement, and asses many of these programs. Interns at the YRCC are given a large amount of autonomy to seek out new partnerships in the community, plan fundraisers, create programs from the ground up, and building a strong and lasting network of connections in the greater NWA community.

Interns at the YRCC are not limited by the program they are assigned to nor do we exclude your potential participation if you cannot attend every single day of a program.

Interns are first in line for consideration of paid summer positions as we have a prior relationship, understand you work ethic, know how well you work with our staff and youth, as well as your ability to connect with our community. Being an intern does not guarantee you a paid position. However our current intern placement rate post experience is 100% when the intern is actively seeking employment (excludes interns returning to school).  

If you are interested in an internship for the fall or spring please EMAIL us and we can set up a time to sit down and go over what the experience may look like (jlainfiesta@fayetteville-ar.gov).

Organizer will approve registrants
Age Limit
18 and up
Requirement Details
Interns must be able to pass a background check.
Internships are one of the first positions to be considered and encouraged to apply for paid positions with the YRCC.
Parking Details
Free parking in front of building.
Sustainable Development Goals
53 Positions Filled | 2,208 Impacts | 10,487 Hours