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Kids get plenty of science festivals - so we make something for adults, for them to play!

Taste of science is an annual festival and event series dedicated to bringing scientists out of the lab, in from the field and away from their computers to meet with non-specialist audiences in their favorite places. We are a national organization with community roots. Those involved are hardworking, creative and passionate people dedicated to making science more accessible to everyone.

We would normally run in-person events, but we are currently switching to an online format with a view to making this a permanent program. As a volunteer you would be working to connect your local community with the exciting and valuable research being carried out at institutions in your city. You would help to organize events to break down the notion that science is inaccessible and carried out in the ivory tower. We work to inform citizens who can then make better decisions, based on science, when it comes to their health, the economy and our environment.

We are currently looking to fill various positions in the Bay area. The roles include:

Speaker Liaison
Funding Manager
Event Coordinators
Social Media Manager
Publicity Managers
Web Manager
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