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Keeping children safe and learning at home amidst the pandemic has been a priority for families everywhere. Create a video themed around STEM to inspire families to create their own STEM fun at home with easy, every day objects.
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Making a STEM video can be fun for both parties! You can either choose from our list of recommended experiments included in the document section or create your own easy-to follow experiment. Remember, these experiments will be conducted at home so try and use items that can be found in a household.

To keep children engaged you can: use an energetic tone, add wacky sound effects, or maybe add some color to your experiment. Get creative! When filming your video, explain any scientific processes that are happening. Don't forget to introduce yourself at the start of the video and feel free to mention the company you are representing if this is a company volunteer opportunity.

Finish your video by thanking your viewers for watching and be sure to end with a smile! UWNNS is excited to share your videos with local families!

Sharing your STEM Video with United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra

Share your video file with UWNNS via email at – most email providers will suggest that you email the link through a shareable link, follow instructions to do so, or email us at the same email above with any issues!

Please ensure that you indicate the kind of project that you worked on your video (e.g. Rainbow Skittles Project, A lesson in Dissolving).
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