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Bring your expertise; this is intended for individualsWhether you are a novice or an expert, we are always looking for new and exciting skills for our children to learn. Volunteers with the following skillsets are encouraged to register: theater and drama; guitar or piano teachers; yoga, or dance instructors; sports athletes or coaches; trained chef; pottery or art instructors; computer science or basic coding knowledge. Based on your schedule and preferences, we will match you with the appropriate children for recurring bi-weekly or monthly volunteer events.

The event can be virtual or in-person. If it is in-person, it will be at the Dogwood Residential Campus (2890 Bekemeyer Drive, Arlington, TN 38002) or Bartlett Residential Campus (7410 Memphis Arlington Road, Memphis, TN 38135)

To become a Teach a Skill Volunteer, you must: 

  • Be at least 21yo or older
  • Complete a liability waiver, confidentiality and vaccination attestation forms, background check and short orientation
Age Limit
21 and up
Background check, Fingerprinting, Training
Requirement Details

Youth Villages COVID-19 Volunteer Protocols

·       Volunteer Vaccination Policy

o   Youth Villages asks that all in-person volunteers who work face-to-face with our children provide proof of vaccination in the form of a signed volunteer vaccine attestation agreement; if this is not a possibility, we encourage you to volunteer virtually and am more than happy to explore other opportunities.

§  Please reach out to the Volunteer and Donor Engagement Coordinator if you have not received a copy of the vaccine attestation agreement, and need to complete it.

·       Masks

o   Volunteers are required to wear a surgical mask covering the face and nose at all times inside, however it is optional outdoors; if you need a mask and do not have one Youth Villages will provide one.

·       Sanitizing

o   We ask that all volunteers use hand sanitizer or wash their hands before volunteering on campus and especially while handling food.

§  We will provide hand sanitizer in volunteering areas.

·       Social Distancing

o   We ask that all volunteers maintain a minimum distance of six feet from children, staff and other volunteers.

o   Please refrain from physical contact including hand-shakes, high fives, fist or elbow bumps or hugs.

o   Additionally, we ask that you sneeze or cough in a cloth or tissue; if that is unavailable please use the inside of your elbow.

o   In the event that a youth is not complying with social distancing guidelines, volunteers will be asked to refrain from interacting with that youth, and will be given an alternate activity that can be safely conducted.

·       When you arrive on campus, all volunteers will check in at the front desk, receive a temperature check and answer screening questions.

o   Your temperature must be lower than 100.0 degrees.

o   Your response to the following questions must be no:

§  Have you had close contact with someone who recently tested positive for COVID?

§  Are you experiencing a cough, shortness of breath or a sore throat?

§  Have you had a fever in the last 48 hours?

§  Have you experienced vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours?

o   Please note that volunteers should not access our facilities if they have COVID-like symptoms unless they test negative or their symptoms resolve; representatives who test positive for COVID must not visit Youth Villages until they have been cleared by a physician.

·       Exposure Guidelines

o   Please note that volunteering activities are limited to one hour increments with a maximum of five volunteers on campus at a time; this number is easier to oversee and reduces the amount of exposure.

o   We ask that volunteers do not bring in outside items including food or drink.

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