Bread Sorting and Bagging

Next date is Wednesday, May 25th, 2022 from 1:30pm to 3:00pm (ET)


Every week, the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia receives a large bread donation from a local donor. The bread is placed on rolling racks that stack for quick and easy transportation. Bread is processed and inspected for damage, mold, and quality and then separated into cardboard totes by specific type. If needed for a program, bread will be opened, placed on trays, and bagged appropriately to be placed in our Food2Kids bags.

Proper instruction and guides will be given for volunteers before beginning the event. Volunteers would assist the department in the transportation and re-stacking of bread racks up to 13 shelves on a rolling rack. Volunteers will proceed through each shelf on a rack at a time, thoroughly inspecting bread for damages, quality, and mold before placing the items in the corresponding cardboard totes. Bread that does not meet the required qualifications will be opened and tossed in our "Cow Bread" trash bin to be donated to a local farmer. Plastic film will be placed in "Film Plastic" trash bin. Cardboard will be put in a shopping cart to be recycled. Any ties and plastic tags will be tossed in our "Trash" trash bin.

If bagging bread is needed for the day, Volunteers will be required to wear hair nets and gloves. Volunteers will assist in placing tables and metal trays for designated paired working stations. Volunteers will be paired in groups of two or more for this activity. Volunteers will open and stock bread of the same category for their station and bag an assortment of bread following instructions, then place the sealed, bagged bread in the designated container. After bagging bread is completed, volunteers will assist in sanitizing and breaking down tables, sweeping, and mopping at the end of the day.

As a reminder, we do not offer community service hours for volunteer work.

First-time volunteers should always review our Volunteer Page to review any updates and Covid-19 regulations, as well as to read through our Volunteer Handbook, which covers instructions for events, dress code, programs, and much more. If you are looking to donate to the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia, please click here.
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The Food Bank of North Georgia is committed to the health and safety of our clients, staff, and volunteers. At this time, masks are optional but welcomed for volunteers that are able to show one-time proof of vaccination or negative test results within 48 hours of every intended volunteer event. Volunteers may bring either test results or their Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card, a copy, or a picture for verification. All unvaccinated volunteers unable to provide proof of negative test results will be required to wear a face mask over both the nose and the mouth at all times within the facility. All volunteers will be required to record their temperature upon arrival

Parking Details
We encourage volunteers to carpool when possible as parking at our facility is limited. Volunteers may park in any available parking spot. If no parking spot is available, we encourage volunteers to ask Reception or Volunteer Department staff to designate additional parking.

Once parked, please proceed to the orange door and ring the doorbell to be greeted by a Volunteer Department staff member and led to the Volunteer Check-In booth to sign your attendance for the volunteer event.

Our Athens facility is located at 861 Newton Bridge Road, Athens, GA, 30607.
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