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Welcome to Pigeon Project!

We are here to introduce the volunteering project me and my friends initiated which is called "Pigeon". We are thinking of focusing on "mental health" for our first digital exhibition. Our purpose is to reach out to people with disadvantaged backgrounds, befriend them and raise awareness with our digital exhibitions to all kinds of world problems. We operate two side projects for our purposes, and we need any help that we can get.
By volunteering,
• You can voluntarily create content for our digital exhibitions,
• Help us reach experienced people to hear and learn from their stories,
• Share your story,
• Donate your skills,
• Work with us in the process of making posters, animations, videos, or anything technical as coding to reach more people.
• Help us raise awareness!
We would love to spread hope and inspiration to all the lovely people that you work with. And If any of the individuals like to be part of our project, we would be glad to help.
For further information, you can visit our website!
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