Become a PSU Student Leader for Service! 2022-23 Application

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Strengthen your leadership skills, build your resume with hands-on experience, inspire others to get engaged, and show your dedication to the community!

Thank you for your interest in Student Leaders for Service. We look forward to talking to you about being part of our team of service leaders! To apply, read through the following details and then press the green Registration button on the upper right hand corner of this page. Priority application has passed, but applications will still be accepted on a rolling basis as positions fill. 

Student Leaders for Service is a year-long leadership program that facilitates PSU students’ involvement in both the Portland State and greater Portland communities. Students serve at a community partner site on a weekly basis, supporting the work of the community partner and bringing its mission back to the PSU campus. Whether your passion is education, hunger, health, racial justice, sustainability, or something else, SLS positions range every year in focus and can apply to all sorts of interests and majors. In addition to serving in a designated volunteer role with their organization, SLS members may serve as a liaison between the community partner site and PSU, raising awareness for the community organization throughout campus and promoting the organization’s volunteer opportunities to PSU students.
SLS members also support engagement with the Student Community Engagement Center through the collaborative creation and facilitation of short Serve Your City projects designed within small cohort groups, as well as helping support larger days of service or focus weeks (e.g. Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week, MLK Racial Justice Teach-In, etc.), tabling, and other outreach events on the PSU campus.

Student Leaders for Service develop their leadership skills and identities through weekly Friday leadership classes each term and work to incorporate their learning into their service with their community partner site and vice versa throughout the year.

Please read through the full description & eligibility requirements of the Student Leaders for Service Role:

This year, we have a variety of community partner sites excited to host SLS students for the 2022-23 school year! From HOLLA Mentors to Maybelle Center for Community, Rose Haven to the Shadow Project, Brown Hope, and more, community partners in the Greater Portland area have submitted Student Leaders for Service positions that range from in-person, to hybrid, to remote and span the spectrum of interests, majors, and skills. 

Before submitting your SLS application, please check out the specific positions seeking Student Leaders for Service that our hosting community partners have submitted here: 

NOTE: Remaining positions available include:

In this application, you’ll be asked to:
  • affirm that you have read the full description of the Student Leader for Service role (linked above)
  • answer questions related to your interest in the program, prior volunteer and/or leadership experience, and what issues you're passionate about
  • include up to THREE specific positions with community organizations that interest you most from our community partner list. (check out these roles here:
  • Upload a resume to support matching you with a community partner
If you have any additional questions please email us at
To apply, press the green Registration button on the upper right hand corner of this page and answer all application questions. 
Student Leaders for Service is a program of the Student Community Engagement Center. The Student Community Engagement Center's mission is to provide robust and varied co-curricular opportunities for all students at Portland State to engage with the community and become catalysts for change. Learn more about the program at
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