Sustainable Montpelier Coalition

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Join a Coalition! The Sustainable Montpelier has transformative volunteer opportunities for social change in three areas:

  • Shared Mobility
    • Microtransit (MyRide by GMT - a local last mile shared use service) outreach
    • MELL (Montpelier E-bike Lending Library)
    • MT4SC (Microtransit for Small Cities) Guide and Webinar
  • CAN (Capital Area Neighborhoods) Connecting People and Place
    • volunteer coordinators
    • neighborhood event organizers
    • art activities
    • Citywide events - August ’22 Barre Street Arts and Neighborhood Event
    • Civic Engagement Guide
  • Housing - Invisible Infill (225 Unit Potential) - In-Kind Donations to Develop a Model Program for 10 Units
    • Professionals:
      • attorneys
      • financial institutions
      • contractors
      • developers
      • architects 
      • realtors 
  • Are you a connector or a communicator?
  • Join our Board! Seeking diverse voices dedicated to modeling sustainable systems in Montpelier, in Vermont and beyond!
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SMC supports different volunteer styles with many transformative opportunities. 

Email to explore what transformative volunteer experience works for you! 

SMC provides a framework for shared power in organizational settings. It allows us to relate as equals by giving everyone a voice. It can help reconfigure power by distributing it more horizontally, and also healing our relationship to power.

We commit to “walking our talk” by:
Externally: Modeling shared power where it’s most needed
Making access to SMC’s Coalitions and Events affordable and accessible with diverse strategies such as sliding scales, replicable materials, creative commons license, translations, child care, etc.
Intentionally prioritize our allies: working with and for people and organizations that are focused on the redistribution of power, particularly those currently most negatively impacted by systems of oppression
Internally: Cultivating our ability to share power among members
Including a liberation perspective in the development of Coalitions, Volunteers and  Programs  
Addressing potential barriers that would discourage anyone from fully participating as members  
Centering the quality of connection among our members as our source of creativity and power with/power within
Supporting members to address and transcend internalized oppression
Asking for help: looking beyond our organization for support and challenge in strengthening our social justice commitment

Sustainable Development Goals
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