Youth In Transition Mentoring Program

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The Youth in Transition Mentoring Program works to connect youth aging out of foster care directly with a 1 on 1, responsible adult mentor to assist them in bridging the gap from child in care, to adult in the real world! Our mentors will be required to meet face to face with their assigned mentee at a minimum of 4 hours per month. In addition, our mentors typically remain in contact regularly with their assigned mentee via text, facetime, phone and/or email. In addition to the face to face time our mentors provide, our program provides monthly events and monthly projects for mentees and mentors to enjoy together. Program staff regularly maintain communication with mentors and mentees and share resources, monthly newsletters and surveys. Mentors are required to attend an orientation training at entry to the program, then attend quarterly trainings throughout their duration of the program. Our youth population is made up of youth who have spent at least 1 day in foster care after their 14th birthday, and range from ages 14- 21, or 23 depending on the case status of the youth. This time is critical to allow our youth to age out successfully and avoid becoming another unfortunate statistic of the child welfare system. We ask our mentors to work on life skills, check in on school and/or work, and be an extra shoulder to lean on in the times of change for our youth. Our program reimburses mentors for meals, mileage and activities. Meals have limits, as discussed during orientation training, and activities are approved on a case-by-case basis. Mentoring is beneficial for our youth, but also a great opportunity for our mentors to show case their own skills, and impact the life of a child in need. We serve youth from Saginaw, Midland, Gladwin and Isabella counties. Please reach out for further information or questions about qualifications!
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Requirement Details
  • Driver's License Needed
  • Background Check
  • Must be at least 21
  • Orientation or Training
  • 4 hours face to face per month with assigned mentee, 8 hours of orientation training, 2 hours of quarterly training
  • Monthly reporting logs, mileage sheets, and reimbursement forms, and contact logs for each face to face session.
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