Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

Monday, January 15th, 2018 from 7:00am to 4:00pm


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. helped to transform a nation by harnessing the assets of communities to confront the deep racial divisions of the time through non-violent direct action. His life and legacy continue to inspire us to act and be bold against injustice and to be inclusive in our words and deeds.

Through Dr. Martin Luther King Day, Jr. Day of Service, the University of La Verne seeks to not only recommit itself to its own mission, but also to invite students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members to honor the legacy of service and community that inspired Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and so many others by being of service to surrounding communities. This year's theme is Only Love; this day of service is a call to action to work together across diverse experiences to serve others with love at various community organizations.

On this page, there are various community organization options for you to volunteer. Please select ONE organization with whom you wish to volunteer. Please note this page will continue to be updated and more organizations will be added.  

The schedule for Monday, January 15, 2018 is as follows:

·      8:15am-Team leaders (faculty and staff) check-in at PDR

·      8:45am-Participants/Volunteers check-in with their team leader(s) at Sneaky Park (You will receive a free-t-shirt, lunch and snacks)

·      9:00am-Opening program begins at Sneaky Park

·      9:30am-Volunteers are dismissed with team leaders to respective community sites (Transportation will be provided for sites not within walking distance of the University)

·      10:00am-1:00pm-Volunteers arrive to respective community sites and participate in service

·      1:00pm-1:30pm-Volunteers break for lunch (lunch will be provided). During lunch, team leaders will facilitate a group reflection 

·      1:45pm-2:00pm-Volunteers depart respective community sites back to Sneaky Park

·      2:30pm-Closing program at Sneaky Park (Hot chocolate bar provided, team reflection sharing, graffiti board and selfie station available)

·      3:00pm-End of day

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Registration Closes
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All Ages
Requirement Details
Please note all participants will be required to complete a liability waiver form. All minors (anyone under the age of 18) will need to have their parent/guardian complete liability waiver form for them ahead of time in order to participate.
FREE snacks, lunch and t-shirt!
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Please park in University of La Verne parking lots ONLY. To view a map of the campus, including where our parking lots are, please go to: http://laverne.edu/map
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Shifts (21)

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ShiftStart TimeEnd TimeDescriptionRegistrants Needed
Set-Up (ONLY OPEN TO FACULTY & STAFF)7:00am (PT)9:30am (PT)Faculty and staff will assist with set up, which would include setting up t-shirts, breakfast snacks, signage, waiver stations, etc.8/10Over
ACTS Thrift Store9:00am (PT)3:00pm (PT) The ACTS Thrift Store (All Out Care, Inc.) is a Christian based,  non-profit organization that elevates the thrift store concept into a deeply positive, faith-based experience dedicated to returning exponential local impact to help the community. ACTS Volunteer Associates will perform duties throughout the store, such as stocking products, cleaning the...6/6Over
Amy's Farm9:00am (PT)3:00pm (PT) Amy's Farm aspires to cultivate community life, friendships, and social justice; educate health and sustainability for people and places; and preserve agricultural lands and organic ways of growing food. They are a real, working polycultural farm focusing on sustainable, organic methods to farming. Amy's Farm provides fresh produce to our...15/15Over
City of Knowledge Islamic School9:00am (PT)3:00pm (PT) City of Knowledge School was established in Pomona, California in 1994 by individuals who were looking to enrich their children spiritually and academically. Students are encouraged to develop as intelligent, sensitive, and contributing members of society. Volunteers will work with all level,K-12 students with tutoring, science projects and in the...6/6Over
City of Pomona9:00am (PT)3:00pm (PT)Volunteers will work on a community beautification project in Downtown Pomona with city officials and local community members. To learn more about the City of Pomona Community Services Department, please visit: http://www.ci.pomona.ca.us/index.php/government/city-departments/community-services-parks-a-recreation Wavier Forms Required for City of Pomona. It will be emailed to participants.5/20Over
Copacabana Mobile Home Community9:00am (PT)3:00pm (PT) Copacabana Mobile Homes in La Verne, CA, is a branch of Millennium Housing, a non-profit [501(c)(3)] corporation created to provide affordable housing through the acquisition and rehabilitation of mobile home communities. Millennium's goals are to encourage and empower its residents to take an active role in budget and management decisions;...10/10Over
David and Margaret Youth and Family Services9:00am (PT)3:00pm (PT) David & Margaret empowers children, youth, and families through culturally diverse services that foster emotional, educational, spiritual, and identity development. Back in the 1800s when the city of La Verne was known as Lordsburg, there was no child welfare system, no safety net for the underserved. Children who were orphaned...9/10Over
Family Foothill Shelter9:00am (PT)3:00pm (PT) The Foothill Family Shelter is a nonprofit organization founded in 1984 which houses homeless adults and children from the west end of San Bernardino County and the east end of Los Angeles County, for a period of up to 120 days, free of rent and utility charges. Volunteers will support...8/8Over
Foothill Aids Project9:00am (PT)3:00pm (PT) The Foothill Aids Project was founded in 1987 with a  mission to improve the lives of those affected by or at risk for HIV/AIDS through comprehensive support services, and to help prevent HIV infection through education and outreach. Volunteers will assist the non-profit organization by properly organizing boxes in their...12/12Over
Hillcrest Retirement Community9:00am (PT)3:00pm (PT) Hillcrest Retirement Community is a comprehensive facility that serves older adults throughout their life stages, offering independent living, assisted living, and a nursing home. Volunteers will engage with residents by making no-sew tie blankets to be donated to various animal shelters. Please contact us if you know how to do...25/25Over
Huerta Del Valle Community Garden9:00am (PT)3:00pm (PT) Huerta Del Valle Community Garden's mission is to cultivate an organization of community members to grow their own organic crops. Through growing food together, the community learns ways to work towards a sustainable community, empowerment, and health, thus creating meaningful work, building lasting skills and developing strong relationships within the...41/40Over
La Verne Peace and Carrots Community Garden9:00am (PT)3:00pm (PT) La Verne Peace and Carrots Garden, located at the Church of the Brethren, is a garden space that cultivates a sense of unity in community and over the years continues to be a powerful public service project. The garden was created 7 1/2 years ago by the Wolfsens along with...25/25Over
NAACP Pomona Valley9:00am (PT)3:00pm (PT) The Pomona Valley Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is an active member of the College For All Coalition. The College for All Coalition is a multiracial, statewide, and community-led coalition in California that seeks to promote social justice in public higher education, including...7/7Over
Planet Rehab9:00am (PT)3:00pm (PT) Planet Rehab is dedicated to protecting the environment by nurturing the relationship between humanity and nature. Their goal is to raise awareness of current environmental challenges by educating people of all ages as to what can be done to protect existing eco-systems. Volunteer duties will include Animal Care, Maintenance, Cleanup,...14/14Over
Sowing Seeds for Life9:00am (PT)3:00pm (PT) Sowing Seeds for Life is a non-profit organization whose mission is to engage the country in the fight to end hunger through a nationwide network of member food banks and to educate youth and adults on subjects such as nutrition. 100% of all public donations directly fund our programs. Volunteers...10/15Over
The African-American Museum of Beginnings9:00am (PT)3:00pm (PT) The African-American Museum of Beginnings is a virtually self-funded community museum that inspires and educates all on the history, culture, and arts of Africans and African-Americans through exhibits, programs, and community engagement. Volunteers will support the museum by helping to catalogue artifacts and educating youth about Dr. Martin Luther King's...16/15Over
The dA Center9:00am (PT)3:00pm (PT) By leveraging the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, the University of La Verne and the dA Center for the Arts will offer a workshop and community arts activities for youth and families to remember and honor Dr. King and the chance to continue his dream. For more...10/10Over
Unity Church9:00am (PT)3:00pm (PT) Since 1933, the Unity Church of Pomona has been serving the Pomona Valley through various spiritual teachings, opportunities and inclusion. Unity Church of Pomona is a welcoming, affirming spiritual community that believes all people are created with innate goodness and sacred worth. Their sincere desire is to create a spiritually...11/15Over
UrbanMission9:00am (PT)3:00pm (PT) Located in south Pomona, UrbanMission is a United Church of Christ/Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) new-church plant that began late in 2013 as the inspiration of Claremont School of Theology student Al Lopez. Volunteers will suport the non-profit organization through community gardening and the beautification of grounds. To learn more...12/20Over
Youth and Family Club of Pomona9:00am (PT)3:00pm (PT) The Youth & Family Club of Pomona inspires and enables all young people to reach their full potential as productive, responsible, and caring citizens. The Youth & Family of Pomona provides A safe place to learn and grow, ongoing relationships with caring adult professionals, life-enhancing programs, and character development experiences....15/15Over
Break down (ONLY OPEN TO FACULTY & STAFF)3:00pm (PT)4:00pm (PT)Faculty and staff will assist with break down, which would include collecting any signage or material left over from event and bringing it to the Hanawalt House.6/10Over