ASU Community Engagement Programs



NOTE: SPRING 2022 is the final semester for University-Service Learning internships. Many thanks to all the fine community organizations and schools we've partnered with during the last 25+ years.

ASU Community Engagement Program's University Service-Learning (USL) connects ASU students with nonprofits, community outreach programs, and Title I schools.
  • ASU students enrolled in USL courses provide 70-100 hours of direct service at a site selected from a list of pre-approved service internships offered by our affiliated community partners.
  • USL students come from all majors and levels and seek a wide-variety of service experiences. Even if you already have had ASU students placed with you, partnering with USL provides another rich source of motivated interns.
Details for Community Organizations interested in hosting ASU interns 
Details for ASU Students interested in enrolling in a USL course

ASU's Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College Community Engagement Programs is committed to creating a culture of civic engagement, generating positive social change, and building a bridge between ASU and the Community. The mission of our programs is to:
  • Immerse ASU students in the community and provide them with real-world experiences that build professional skills and cultivate socially responsible citizens
  • Serve as a resource for community agencies, faculty, K-12 teachers, and families
  • Partner local organizations and schools with ASU students and staff to serve our community
Service-learning student interns are students, not volunteers. USL Student interns have specific learning objectives for their service experience. Community partners help student interns learn through assigning tasks that directly relate to serving a need in the community. 

University Service-Learning connects an in-depth study of civic engagement and community issues with active service to the community at nonprofits, community organizations, government entities and Title I Schools. ASU students enrolled in USL classes select from a list of approved service internships to fulfill their service hour requirements.
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