High Desert Second Chance

This class has been closed and is no longer open.


Our mission here at High Desert Second Chance is to meet the needs of our insecure families and homeless individuals in our community. We want to not only replenish one's home with the necessary food to sustain them but ease their minds, and souls to know that there is somewhere they can turn to if they are in need. We are slowly working towards our goal of one day opening up a homeless shelter in the City of Hesperia, our home base community. This shelter will offer free showers, washers and dryers, provide hot meals and computer training classes. We are looking to partner with other like minded services to be able to offer a more stable environment for those seeking shelter and assistance.
CS 305: Learning Thru Community Svc - (1368)
Summer 2018 2018
1 Person | 3 Impacts | 20 Hours