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Arbor Youth Services was founded in 1976, meaning it has been in operation in some capacity for over 40 years. Arbor's mission is to provide safe alternatives for at-risk children, youth and their families through services and referrals that promote positive growth and development. In turn, Arbor offers many services to unaccompanied or homeless youth including: the MASH house (a temporary shelter for birth to 17 year olds), an outreach program and emergency housing program for 18 to 24 year olds, and a partnership with Project Safe Place. Arbor's work is closely tied with the local police and fire forces, school resource officers, Child Protective Services, and the Kentucky state foster care system. Arbor currently operates out of two homes on West Third Street in downtown Lexington, with a new project in another part of town to develop an apartment building for homeless young adults. Arbor is the ONLY shelter for unaccompanied or homeless youth in Central Kentucky, and there are NO group homes in Fayette County, meaning that Arbor serves 12 to 14 different counties in the region. Because it is a shelter, housing and services are temporary, but with hopes to find permanent, stable residence for youth. Youth at the shelter may be homeless or runaways. They make request shelter themselves or be referred by authorities. Conversely, the outreach center and rehousing program for young adults includes access to bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, hygienic items, counseling, and housing assistance. Over 300 youth annually are served, if even just for one night in the shelter, by Arbor.

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