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A Child's Voice serves Newton and Walton counties and exists to strengthen the coordinated community response to situations of child maltreatment, including sexual abuse, physical abuse, and witness to abuse and homicide. Our first priority is the child, and we reduce the trauma associated with a disclosure of abuse by integrating the existing resources of law enforcement, child protection, prosecution, medical, and therapeutic agencies.
Our specially trained professionals conduct non-leading, non-suggestive and legally sound forensic interviews and medical examinations of children who have made these allegations. Our staff support involved and non-offending caregivers as they navigate all of the changes surrounding a disclosure of abuse to ensure child victims receive the support and treatment that they need to heal. Our center coordinates the utilization of a multi-disciplinary team approach to the investigation, treatment and prevention of child sexual abuse and physical abuse.
A Child's Voice also exists to facilitate and support organizations and individuals whose efforts are directed toward abuse and prevention.
A Child's Voice is the local council of Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, PCA Walton, and promotes healthy childhoods through outreach, education, and prevention.
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