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Learning the core causes of human trafficking and exploitation provides communities with an opportunity to address these injustices at their origin as opposed to constantly treating symptoms of the crimes.

At Hub of HOPE we are passionate about sharing insight and education on the nature of these crimes to increase situational understanding, reduce stigmatization of victims, and empower communities to effectively take action against trafficking in their regions. 

We provide an array of victim services, including direct and indirect services. Our partnership with other coalition members allows us to better ensure victims of trafficking and exploitation are as empowered as possible by having the opportunity to access a diverse array of available resources.  


Jenny Sorey founded Hub of HOPE in 2016.  Before founding the organization, Jenny Sorey served the vulnerable and oppressed through the work of various organizations both internationally and domestically. Jenny heard the words "modern slavery" and "human trafficking" for the first time in 2011 and she realized that most of the individuals she had worked with throughout her life had been the vulnerable who were at a high risk of becoming victims of human trafficking... modern slaves.  The realization that there are more slaves on the planet TODAY, an estimated 45 million, ignited a passion to do what needed to be done in order to see the end of modern slavery in her lifetime.  

Hub of HOPE functions through a Victim Response arm and as a Coalition.  Hub of HOPE Coalition works to bring together existing agencies and organizations who already work with high risk individuals.  The coalition was formed to bring awareness and education to these organizations and to the community, but also to assist these agencies in being poised and ready to become a support network for victims as they are identified in our communities.    

 Hub of HOPE has many coalition and community partners from medical staff, law enforcement, feeding and clothing agencies, therapists and counselors, crisis pregnancy centers, transitional housing and shelters, restoration centers and programs, attorneys, legislators, churches, educators, civic organizations, businesses and community members.   We depend on a strong coalition to assist in the four main areas of Hub - Healing, Opportunities, Prevention and Education.  

Hub of HOPE Coalition meets each month to update on the ways that they are reaching survivors through their collaborative efforts. 

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