Apache Junction Public Library



A challenging opportunity is available for an Intern wanting to take a hands-on approach to advancing their professional customer service experience to include interaction with customers and library staff.  Critical responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, providing one-on-one assistance helping customers in finding materials, answering directional questions, assisting with select front desk duties and being that something special to enhance the customer's experience.
  • how to engage people and find out if they need assistance;
  • how to respond to people, both on the phone and in person, with varying needs and questions (but with limited scope);
  • how to work within a team environment, how to recognize when it is important to refer someone to another person within the team; how to deal with frustrated customers;
  • and how to work with different types of people; e.g. understanding generational and cultural differences
The City of Apache Junction's motto is S.O.A.R. (Service Over and Above the Rest) and we incorporate the FISH! Philosophy to provide residents, visitors, and community organizations/businesses the finest in municipal service.

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