Academic Service-Learning (AS-L)


Academic Service-Learning (AS-L) at St. John’s University is a classroom/ experiential site-based program that involves students in some form of required community service that benefits the common (public) good and uses service as a means of understanding course concepts. The service activity meets course objectives, and through reflection, students examine issues pertaining to social justice and responsibility. Service must be done during the semester for which it is required.

Areas of Service
  • Hunger/Homelessness
  • Healthcare
  • Education/Youth Services
  • Civic Engagement
  • Special Projects

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Below you will find lists of service opportunities available for the semester, organized by location. "Open opportunities" require students to contact the site supervisors directly in order to schedule service, but still require registration on GivePulse. Opportunities with schedules listed only require registration on GivePulse prior to attending. Rather than using a paper timesheet to log your hours, you will need to read the "method of impact submission" section of the information sheet for the service site you chose for information on how to submit your hours. You will either need to fill out a virtual timesheet on GivePulse when submitting your impact for the site supervisor to approve online, or provide proof of completion of service as an attachment. Please direct all questions regarding impact submission to the ASL office. Most virtual opportunities are "open opportunities" and require direct communication with the site in order to volunteer unless otherwise stated. Individual Student Service Opportunities require prior approval by your professor and by ASL, as well as a letter written by the site supervisor of the site at which you chose to volunteer. The letter template can be found under the documents tab on the Academic Service-Learning page. In this instance, the letter would take the place of the virtual timesheet. Project-based AS-L does not require a virtual timesheet.

Be sure to obtain your professor's approval of your choice for service prior to completion of the hours. Service not pre-approved by both AS-L and your professor cannot be counted as AS-L.

For more assistance, please contact the AS-L office using the information provided to the right, or, book an appointment for virtual office hours.

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