New Vista



In 1963 President John F. Kennedy signed the Community Mental Health Act into law. In Kentucky, the state legislature established Community Mental Health Centers in 1964. Kentucky was the first state in the nation to have a system of Community Mental Health Centers providing services to the entire Commonwealth.  

The non-profit Central Kentucky Regional Mental Health Board was the first in Kentucky, beginning operation in 1965. Today, New Vista provides outpatient services to nearly 25,000 adults, children and families in 17 Central Kentucky counties. Our mission is to work with our communities to develop innovative programs to respond rapidly to individual and community needs.

New Vista continues as a non-profit to provide an integrated system of care partnered with the highest level of service to assure positive outcomes for individuals and families in the areas of mental health, substance use and intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Annually New Vista provides 1.3 million in free clinical services, maintains a staff of nearly 300 clinicians, serves the community with 48 program locations and takes more than 87,000 phone calls on our 24-Hour Helpline 1.800.928.8000

Sustainable Development Goals
1,469 Impact | 6,198 Hours | 167,974 Total Economic Impact