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EngageDeis is a university-wide service tracking platform, connecting students and student groups to community service and engagement opportunities in the Waltham-area and beyond. Take a minute to review your profile, upload a photo, and register for your first event! For videos and materials on how to use EngageDeis, please click here.

Learn. Engage. Lead.

Brandeis was founded with a commitment to improving the world. Every year, our students rack up 55,000 hours of community service. If you’re passionate about a cause, or if you are just looking for a club use the 'Explore' button in the navigation bar to find service clubs and community engagement opportunities.

The Department of Community Service (DCS) is committed to supporting and fostering reciprocal community partnerships that strive toward positive social change, works toward the common good, promotes a more just and equitable society, and centers community voice and needs. For more information about the department and its initiatives, please visit the DCS website here.

Please message DCS on EngageDeis or send an email to the department at with any comments, questions, or concerns.
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