LEAD - Leadership Certificate Program


The LEAD certificate is a non-credit, co-curricular series designed to develop students’ leadership skills with varied opportunities to discover and enhance their leadership competencies. This program allows students to build their own intentional pathway through the program to facilitate a commitment to their own unique leadership journey.  The LEAD certificate is intended to help students become change agents by identifying their strengths and leadership style while preparing students for leadership roles and responsibilities on campus, in careers, and in the community.

Scholars who earn a lead certificate will:
  • increase their self-awareness of leadership skills
  • add an impressive certification to their resumes
  • develop skills and define their values to help guide them throughout their time at Morehouse and future endeavors
Scholars must complete seven (7) leadership workshops and write a 2-page reflection paper and submit it to the writing center for review.  Certificates are awarded at the end of the academic year.
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