Medical Arabic Club



The mission of this club is to serve our Arabic-speaking Refugees of that Hampton Roads area by learning to speak conversational Arabic. This organization is for all proficiency levels of Arabic speakers from beginner to fluent. The structure of the course will be asynchronous learning and once a month practice sessions with students. 

Throughout the year, we hope to introduce our students to the various cultures that exist in Arabic-speaking countries, and how to treat refugees from those countries.

Join us on our first year as a club!

​In order to be approved for volunteer hours, you must indicate which lesson you watched, and submit both the assignment and quiz for a total of 1.5 volunteer hours.

We now have a Blackboard page! Please email saying you'd like to be enrolled in the course and I'll enroll you.

Want to stay tuned to our club happenings? 

Please join our GroupMe to be in the loop:

Executive Committee 2021-2022

President and Founder: Sarah Sabti MD 2025 

Executive Vice President: Fatima Sabti, MD 2025

Secretary: Moudar Jano, MD 2025

Treasurer: Damian Martinez, MD 2025

VP Communications: 

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Alexandra Leader and Dr. Shadi Bayadsy.

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