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Lorena Alvarez


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Aaron Arellano

When approaching this task I thought about how unexpected these particular individuals will be when I gave them these letters. They're all super incredible, noble, smart and friendly college students who have seemed to hit a bump in the road recently. I've talked to them about it, and it is the pre-graduation, pre-finals obstacles they seem to be hitting. They deserve so much support for what they've done for others and chose them specifically to remind them how great they are and how I am there for them.
A significant moment was giving my letter to Kaitlyn, she started to tear up and immediately gave me a warm hug (she gives the best bear hugs). It was clear she needed an unexpected surprise of support during this time.
They all responded very well. They felt writing letters was uncharacteristic of me, but they loved the child-like drawings and decor of my letters because they all know I am not artistically talented, so they all laughed at it at first, but nonetheless sincerely appreciated the letters. This assignment helped me understand that I have a role in other people's lives outside of what I think my role is. Humans really are social beings and somethings need some reliability, to rely on each other. During this hard time, it made me realize that the stress that comes with graduation and finals approaching, doesn't trump the love I have for my peers and the good time we've had and are yet to have.

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Danielle Bennett

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