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Sierra Zepeda

For my last 5 hours of service, I decided to do the Reciprocity at home. My mom loves to do yard work and have the yard looking pretty but recently she has not been able to keep it up and many plants have been neglected. So for my last 5 hours I decided it would be nice to do some yard work for my mom and make our backyard space feel clean and fresh. At first I didn't think much of it and thought it was going to be a hassle but suprisingly I had a lot of fun cleaning up the back yard and plants. It was sort of calming and vert peaceful to be back there tending to the plants. RIght away when I finished one of the plants my mom was able to see the difference and she was so happy about them being fixed. It took me a couple days to finish trimming these plants since they weren't trimmed for a while and growing out crazy. In the end, I would love to keep helping my mom with the yard work and will probably do more on my own. I guess it will be sort of a new hobby of mine to tend to the plants in our yard.

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Lorena Alvarez

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