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Aaron Arellano

When I approached this task I was decently excited because I personally enjoy history and politics. One of my first classes at the University was Dr. Brantley's U.S History (1877-Present) and we learned obscure events in history that made huge impacts on the country today. The story of Jane Addams and John Dewey is like one of those stories. I was excited to see how they revolutionized education and service learning through the readings.
While writing this research paper I came to realize how relevant it was today. When I pieced together the role of education in the "traditional sense" of going to class, learning the major subjects of math, English, science etc. and how mundane it is to the average student. The problems and lack of understanding in society cannot be solved with these subjects off the bat. I remember going to school and thinking how pointless it was and not learning any valuable lessons. I realized it may be important for teachers to walk or cross the line of traditional teaching and approach subjects such as homelessness, gay rights, etc. in order for students to return to their communities after school more aware of their role in society. I couldn't help but think of the Don't Say Gay Bill in Florida and how it potentially deprives young students of exposure to a different community other than their own.
This experience was reciprocal because I was able to reevaluate the role of education, exposure to other cultures and people and reciprocal service to people who are different than me. I learned to appreciate how Jane Addams and John Dewey redefined how to approach service-learning.

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Lorena Alvarez

researching and preparing slideshow for Spanish speaking children

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Danielle Bennett

I found a lot of phone numbers over the week and called many places, although I did not have much success, I at least got the word out there about the program.

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