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    Sean Backer-Meurke

    Sean @ Pomona Holiday Half Marathon, through partnership with Pomona Valley Hospital

    I was offered the opportunity to volunteer at the annual Pomona Holiday Half Marathon, through my volunteer position at Pomona Valley Hospital. I arrived at 6:30am and started out by helping assemble tables trash cans, stacking the tables with cups, and filling the cups with water. Once the runners arrived we offered the water cups as they passed our water station, and we cheered them on along their way. Around 11:30 the runners had all passed our station and we started cleaning up the area from trash and packing up the tables and trash cans. Overall, I thought it was a great experience as I was able to help out at something that I feel is an important cause; encouraging health and exercise. To me, it is great that the community of Pomona offers these open competitions where everyone is welcome to run. Although there were a few great athletes leading the runners, the majority of competitors were regular people from all ages and backgrounds just trying to exercise and keep good health. It was also great getting to know the other volunteers as well.

    Gave 5.00 hours on 12/09/2018 with Nonprof Sect & Com Engagement (305) - Section M, The University of La Verne

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    Sean Backer-Meurke

    Sean @ Upland City Council, Election Day, through Yvette Walker

    I volunteered for election day, with Upland city council, at Grace Lutheran Church, in Upland. Throughout the time volunteering, I helped prepare and hand out ballots to all of the voters. It was very repetitive, but I think it was very interesting to learn more about the voting process while working. Additionally, I thought it was interesting to look at the demographics of those who came to vote. Ironically, I am not able to vote myself, because I am not a US citizen. Unfortunately, I did not meet Yvette in person, as I was pulled in to help out with the ballots as soon as I mentioned I was volunteering. Although I did not see her, I was communicating through text with her, so she should verify I was there.

    Gave 2.50 hours on 11/07/2018 with Nonprof Sect & Com Engagement (305) - Section M, The University of La Verne

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