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    Zooniverse- Open Project Opportunities

    In the zooniverse I choose a project called Wildwatch Kenya where I would look at images taken in northern Kenya and identify what animal are in the images. I would also count the amount there where, describe what they where doing, and identify if any young animal where present. Over the span of the 3 hours I had looked and helped identify 437 images. What I noticed in the images was that goats, cows, and sheeps where the most common animals seen in the images. There was also zebras, rabbits, elephants, giraffes, warthog, gazelle, and many more different animals in Kenya. The overall purpose of this impact was to get an estimate count on how many giraffes our actually in Kenya as in the recent years giraffes have been decreasing, with this information they are gathering they will be able to help protect the giraffes in Kenya.

    Gave 3.17 hours on 04/14/2022 with The University of Texas at San Antonio, AIS: Life and Health Sciences (1263) - Section 008